A Minecraft player recreates Yharnam from Bloodborne

A Minecraft player recreates Yharnam from Bloodborne

A Minecraft player recreates Yharnam from Bloodborne

A fan of Minecraft recreates the ancient city of Bloodborne in such detail that at first glance it could easily be mistaken for a PS1 demake.

While it is known for its blocky visual effects, it is possible Minecraft they look great, as proved by one fan, accurately and meticulously recreating Yharnam Carried by blood with such detail that a cursory glance might convince someone that this is a recreation of a retro gothic action RPG. The developer FromSoftware is known for releasing challenging titles and at the same time Carried by blood may not be the most punishing, it’s still a challenge when it comes to being a challenge.


As for Mojang’s open-world sandbox title, it continues to impress millions around the world with its expansive landscape and the near-infinite creative potential it gives players. There are also many mods that make the game even more fresh and exciting by adding new textures, improving the gameplay and even creating shaders that make Minecraft looks like from the Game Boy era. But it’s the amazing constructions fans brag about that are at the heart of the game’s popularity.

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As noted by The Gamer, Reddit user Parking_Price6980 showed his love for both Minecraft and Carried by blood recreating the city of Yharnam in incredible detail. The few photos uploaded to the site show the tremendous amount of work and effort that went into this phenomenal project. With some graphic tweaks to the game, most likely from texture packs and mods, it could almost be mistaken for a somewhat retro version of a FromSoftware title. In fact, one Reddit user said that at first glance he thought it was a PS1 demake. The creator doesn’t mention how long it took them to build, but given how accurate the recreation is to the original, it must have taken them a long time.

Minecraft screenshot of Bloodborne's highly detailed recreation of the city of Yharnam.

More photos can be found in the Reddit thread here.

It’s also interesting that another user mentioned how Parking_Price6980’s Minecraft build looks like a demake because there was an unofficial PS1 style redesign Carried by blood released last year. Developed by modder Lilith “b0tster” Walther, this demake took the original PS4 exclusive from 2015 and turned the clock back a few years, making it look like the game came out in the 90s.

It also shows how this can be done Minecraft look amazingly detailed. While the vanilla visuals make the game so special, apparently there are people who are interested in seeing what a Mojang title would look like with a modern facelift. The result is often impressive, giving fans one more reason to keep playing.

Minecraft is available on mobile, PC, PS3, PS4, Switch, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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