An Overwatch 2 player teleports off the map due to a funny glitch

An Overwatch 2 player teleports off the map due to a funny glitch

An Overwatch 2 player teleports off the map due to a funny glitch

A clip from Overwatch 2 shows an unfortunate glitch that occurs when Kiriko jumps into the player mid-character transition.

The clip recorded by the player captured the unfortunate Overwatch 2 glitch showing what will happen to Kiriko if she jumps into a teammate during a character swap. Most Kiriko players are well acquainted with having to panic Swift Step to a teammate. This is Kiriko’s last resort with no other options. However, performing a blind Quick Step doesn’t always put Kiriko in a safer position like this Overwatch 2 open player.

Quick Step is a fun and powerful ability for Kiriko. Allows the player to teleport to an ally, even through walls. Kiriko can see the outlines of all her teammates, and by selecting one of them, she can Quick Step to instantly teleport to them. The speed of this ability is what makes it such a saving grace for Kiriko and her teammates, but used carelessly proves that the saying “From frying pan to fire” is accurate.


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In a clip shared by Yocasa on Overwatch subreddit, a unique and extremely rare glitch has been captured. Yocast is healing his Wrecker tank as Kiriko when he is suddenly accosted by an enemy Genji. Already below 50% health, Yocast quickly targets an ally of Torbjorn and casts Quick Step. However, instead of teleporting to their ally, Kiriko are teleported off the edge of the map, where they fall to their deaths.

Alert Overwatch 2 players can see what happened to poor Kiriko. Ally Torbjorn just so happens to be in the Junkertown map spawn room. At the exact moment, both Kiriko teleport to Torbjorn, and Torbjorn’s player switches their character to Tracer. Quickstep confirmed Torbjorn as the target before they switched, but he was unable to confirm his location and apparently decided that the edge of the cliff was the best option.

Explaining, another Redditor guessed what happened in the comments to the post. They say the location Kiriko teleported to is the coordinates “0,0,0” of the Junkertown map. In other words, because Swift Step didn’t know what coordinates Torbjorn was at, it defaulted to “0,0,0”. It just happened that the location was a very bad place to teleport.

It’s unlikely to be a glitch that happens often enough for Blizzard to take it very seriously, as funny as it is in the clip. A simple fix might be to confirm the target’s coordinates before allowing teleportation, rather than vice versa. But it happens so rarely Overwatch 2 players may never know if it will be fixed or not.

Overwatch 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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