Chinese people are turning to street cremations as coronavirus deaths rise

Chinese people are turning to street cremations as coronavirus deaths rise

Chinese people are turning to street cremations as coronavirus deaths rise

The dishonest Chinese government claims fewer than two dozen people have died nationwide in the massive coronavirus epidemic sweeping the country, but the true number is believed to be in the thousands and could be heading in millions.

Funeral homes and crematoria are overflowing with the dead, so some families resort to amateur cremations on the streets.

The New York Post Office (NYP) on Wednesday described unverified photos circulating on social media showing Chinese men burning their loved ones in parking lots and roadside pyres as “appalling”:

A Shanghai woman explained her decision to cremate her father on social media and called on authorities to stop her.

“I have tried many methods of cremating my father, but none have worked. The funeral services hotline told me that all cremation spaces are full until the new year. Since national law does not permit the home of patients who have died of infectious diseases, I will find a vacant cremation site in our area for my father’s cremation. If you have problems with this, call the police,” she wrote.

Reportedly, neighbors of the Shanghai resident called the police and local officials prevented her from carrying out her cremation plans.

Radio Free Asia The (RFA) reported on Monday that instead of handling cremations themselves, some Chinese families are leaving their loved ones in morgues and hoping for the best because they are unable to arrange proper appointments with funeral directors.

The capital of Beijing defied the practice by banning the private transport of bodies to funeral homes; instead, families must contact the funeral home and request a pick-up, which may take several days.

“You have to line up at the crematoria to get your number, and there are a lot of people queuing at 4.30 in the morning. The next day I called the crematorium and they said I couldn’t handle even two people.” days; that he has been suspended,” a Shanghai-based businesswoman told RFA.

Bloomberg news said Tuesday that funeral homes are trying to catch up by limiting mourners to no more than ten minutes.

Fox News on Friday, he described Chinese hospitals in major cities, arranging patients in the corridors, asking them to bring their own beds, and treating them in the streets outside the hospitals.

Greece, Germany and Sweden announced restrictions on Chinese travelers on Thursday, joining the list of countries that require recent negative coronavirus tests from Chinese visitors. China’s restrictions on outbound travelers are set to be lifted on Sunday, with the busy Lunar New Year travel season just a few weeks away.

“WHO [World Health Organization] warned that the holiday, which begins on January 21 and is usually associated with the largest human migration in the world as people return home from cities to visit families in small towns and villages, could trigger another wave of infections in the absence of higher rates of vaccination and other Precautions”, Reuters was reported on Thursday.

Few of the countries that have announced restrictions on Chinese travelers come from Asia. Of that region, only Malaysia and Thailand have announced disappointing plans to test aircraft wastewater to see if passengers are infected. Chinese tourism is a huge industry throughout Asia, especially during the Lunar New Year.

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