Crikey!  Australian beer drinkers said “Give XXXX” for the environment

Crikey! Australian beer drinkers said “Give XXXX” for the environment

Crikey!  Australian beer drinkers said “Give XXXX” for the environment

One of Australia’s most iconic beer brands uses the hot summer months to edify drinkers with wake-up calls, encouraging them to make a thoughtful “Give XXXX” for the environment when consuming its product.

The campaign was launched by XXXX lager in the middle of last year and is now in full swing.

The ad laments that the end of the world will lead to the end of beer, urging people to think before drinking and “Give XXXX” for the future of the planet.

In addition, it forces people to “live as if beer depended on it” because beer’s survival ultimately depends on how we treat the planet.

Brewer Lion owns XXXX, an iconic beer with a 144-year history in Australia, and the new advertising campaign has attracted both critics and supporters.

Opponents just want to drink their beer in peace, while supporters such as Melbourne’s deputy mayor Nicholas Reece say XXXX beer “is right” and the “Give a XXXX” ad is about the world and the environment and the importance of “stopping climate change” “”.

Lion marketing director Anubha Sahasrabuddhe said the new campaign encourages beer drinkers to consider the things that matter most to them – not just the beers in front of them.

“The platform is a call to arms for beer drinkers to give XXXX about the things that matter most to them. The idea is to embrace the growing importance and recognition of what XXXX matters, which shows that through conscious effort, people are reaping the benefits of the good life and the things that matter most to them across the country,” she said as the campaign launched.

XXXX beer has a long history of television and theater advertising, previously appealing to drinkers who simply wanted to quench their thirst.

Beer has long been considered a staple of Australian life, so much so that the Australian Navy was applauded during the 2020 bushfires after one of its ships completed an emergency beer course to help replenish a pub besieged by flames and isolated from drinkers.

As reported by Breitbart News, the emergency delivery included 20 kegs and four pallets of beer and cider for the city, which normally has a population of around 1,000.

Data from 2020 showed that Australians get drunk more than any other nation in the world, according to a survey of 32,000 drinkers in 22 countries that took part in the Global Drug Survey 2021.

File/1988 – The sign shows the direction and distance to Mount Isa, a remote mining town. He says there are 190 miles to go and estimates that for the average Australian, that’s the equivalent distance it would take to drink six small bottles of short-neck or “stubby” beer. (Peter Charlesworth/LightRocket via Getty)

The study found that Australians “drank beer” more than any other nation in the world, getting drunk on average 27 times a year, compared to a global average of 15 times.

Denmark and Sweden were the next most drunken countries behind Australia, with residents getting drunk an average of 23.8 times in 2020.

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