Disconnecting the controller leads to a hilarious Spider-Man: Miles Morales clip

Disconnecting the controller leads to a hilarious Spider-Man: Miles Morales clip

Disconnecting the controller leads to a hilarious Spider-Man: Miles Morales clip

Spider-Man: Miles Morales is receiving a system message at the wrong or right time depending on your point of view.

Modern consoles are packed with useful quality-of-life features, including controller disconnect warnings which, while useful, can lead to situations like the one they are experiencing Spider-Man: Miles Morales player during cutscene. There are spoilers belowbecause this particular disconnection occurred at the most dramatic moment during the climax Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The equivalent of what happened would be if Sixth Sense it froze and a loading screen popped up as Bruce Willis goes to get his wife’s wedding ring.



Spider-Man: Miles Morales it has occasional humorous glitches but still looks amazing and runs silky smooth. Miles Morales follows new superhero Miles Morales as he begins to discover himself as Spider-Man and as a teenager. Although the gameplay is carried over from the original Insomniac Spiderman In the game, Miles has his own tricks and gadgets up his sleeve as he gets to the bottom of the Roxxon holiday mystery.

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The funny clip, posted on Reddit by user caelumscenic, again contains spoilers for what happens after the climatic boss fight that concludes the main campaign. After defeating Spider-Man: Miles Morales Tinkerman’s version, Miles, like the true superhero that he is, performs a life-threatening rescue operation to save one of his friends, and just when the pair is about to be safe, a controller disconnect screen pops up, freezing the moment and locking him out of view. Due to the lack of juice from the wireless controller, a good moment of the game is ruined and it feels like Miles didn’t actually make his rescue.

On a humorous level, the break is perfectly timed and couldn’t have been better for maximum effect. Although it’s not a game-breaking bug Spider-Man: Miles Morales sending players over jets, the system level warning screen completely ruins the immersion. One of the comments on the Caelumscenic clip points out that this would be an amazing use of breaking the fourth wall, as in Batman Arkham Asylum with Scarecrow’s fear toxin or classic Metal Gear Solid 2 moment with Psycho Mantis.

Sometimes events just fall perfectly at the time when they’re least expected, such as a controller disconnect at the climax of a 20-hour campaign.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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