Draymond Green Is Fully Dramatic Discuss Relationship With Jordan Poole: ‘Still A Work In Progress’

Draymond Green Is Fully Dramatic Discuss Relationship With Jordan Poole: ‘Still A Work In Progress’

Draymond Green Is Fully Dramatic Discuss Relationship With Jordan Poole: ‘Still A Work In Progress’

I suppose you can’t blame Draymond Green for constantly talking about how he landed hay on teammate Jordan Poole before the season started. It’s a great personality. He is open to the media, which in turn will milk him for all the content he wants to offer. He asks questions and he answers them.

Even so, I keep thinking about Poole and him, who have to keep listening to Green talk about an incident that happened more than three months ago. Poole got over it quickly and moved on quickly, at least publicly. On October 16, he made the following statement on the matter:

“[Draymond] apologized and [was] professional,” Poole told reporters. “We plan to proceed in this way. We’re here to play basketball, and everyone on our team and in the locker room knows what it takes to win a championship, and we’re going to do it on the court. … That’s pretty much all I have to say on the matter. We’re here to win the championship and still hang the banners. “

Meanwhile, Draymond is still being asked about it and still does not shy away from detailed discussion. He could say he’s done talking about it, which would probably be better for Poole and the Warriors as a whole. But he doesn’t. The latest example comes from an interview with Taylor Rooks, who asked Green if he and Poole had put the incident behind them and if their relationship had changed.

After a long dramatic Oscar-worthy hiatus, Green went on to talk about how he and Poole are still locker room neighbors and still ride the same buses, which doesn’t really say anything; they are on the same team after all. Then he said, “Yes [the punch] change our relationship? Of course,” said Green. “It’s still a work in progress. I will always be willing to do this job because I was wrong.”

From there, you can watch the rest of Green’s answer after another long, dramatic break.

So listen, Green is a smart, reflective guy. It’s not hard to believe that he really carefully considers his words and evaluates his reaction and tone. It just makes me laugh how deep it goes. He cheated on his teammate. This was another example of him being largely unable to control his emotions, as when he blasted Kevin Durant or gave LeBron James the jab that likely cost the Warriors the championship. Let’s not focus too much on how remorseful and thoughtful Green was in the aftermath. He did this. And it can still spoil a Warriors season behind closed doors.

Read between the lines here, and it certainly doesn’t sound like Poole wants anything to do with Green. That kind of tension, even unspoken, can be hard to completely push aside in the locker room. With no knowledge of the inner workings of the Golden State locker room, there seems to be enough stability and veteran equality in this organization, starting with Stephen Curry, Green, Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala and Kevin Looney, that it’s unlikely to continue to be a serious problem.

But Green, who doesn’t let her die in the media, doesn’t let this incident really be behind them. It keeps it alive. Green isn’t going to cut it off. He’s a podcaster. Personality. He’ll be killing on TV when he retires. He’s one of the most honest athletes you’ll ever meet, through thick and thin, as willing to promote his strengths as he does his few flaws. It’s respectable. Even pleasant. But how much discussion is enough?

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