Fortnite Nerfs Shockwave Hammer, leaves fans divided

Fortnite Nerfs Shockwave Hammer, leaves fans divided

Fortnite Nerfs Shockwave Hammer, leaves fans divided

Fortnite is nerfing its controversial Shockwave Hammer weapon, leaving fans divided over the general purpose of this versatile item.

Fortnite made another change to his controversial Shockwave Hammer, leaving players divided over its overall use in the game. Upgrading one of its features is just the latest installment in the ongoing saga of fighting weapons, with Fortnite the community as a whole is unable to agree on what should be done about it.

The Shockwave Hammer was first introduced during the current Inaugural Season Fortnite Chapter 4. A universal item, players can use it both as an offensive weapon and as a means of fast travel. The fire button initiates a structure- and enemy-destroying strike that knocks others back, while the secondary fire button bounces the player into the air, negating any fall damage. While powerful, players should exercise caution when using the Shockwave Hammer, as one viral humorous clip clearly demonstrates.


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Announced today by FortniteThe service’s official Twitter update account, Epic Games revealed that the Shockwave Hammer nerf has been implemented, reducing the weapon’s reflection charges from four to three. So far, fan reaction has been completely divided, with tons of crying emojis and “what’s going on with this season” remarks filling the comment section on Twitter. Other players feel that the Shockwave Hammer nerf is a step in the right direction. A few Fortnite players on Reddit felt that the weapon “should have two” charges, with others pleased that the “annoying” hammer became a little less.

The nerf comes just days after a Fortnite the update brought the shockwave hammer back into the game. The item received so many complaints afterwards Fortnite players made extensive use of the infinite bounce glitch whereby Epic temporarily shut down the servers to completely remove the hammer before putting it back a day later with the glitch possibly fixed. Hammer’s bounce charge reduction isn’t the first nerf this item has received either. The speed at which the hammer charges its reflection was increased from 15 to 20 seconds in early December, making the original incarnation seem completely overpowered by comparison.

Unfortunately, Shockwave Hammer isn’t the only buggy content it’s returned to Fortnite this season. After being recently removed due to widespread player complaints, FortniteThe obstacle mechanics are back, as are mobility glitches and bugs. Fortnite Chapter 4 introduced the auto-cloak mechanic, allowing sprinting players to automatically jump over low obstacles. This inadvertently caused many players to be shot to the height of the Battle Bus, causing them to fall and die – an issue that reportedly still persists.

Due to the perceived abuse and overpowered nature, many in Fortnite the community wants Shockwave Hammer to go away entirely, but it should be interesting to see what Epic Games ultimately does with divisive weapons going forward.

Fortnite is available for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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