George Santos was hit with 3 ethics complaints regarding spending, fundraising and disclosure

George Santos was hit with 3 ethics complaints regarding spending, fundraising and disclosure

George Santos was hit with 3 ethics complaints regarding spending, fundraising and disclosure

  • Santos was sworn in on Friday despite alleged fraud and lies about his past.
  • Now End Citizens United are filing complaints against Santos with the FEC, OCE and DOJ.
  • Santos is dealing with a number of other campaign finance complaints and is under investigation in 2 countries.

Left-leaning advocacy group End Citizens United is set to file three complaints against Republican Representative George Santos of New York on Monday over alleged campaign finance violations, adding to a string of other complaints and investigations against the new congressman.

Santos, who recently revealed he had lied about his resume and background, was sworn in on Friday. Even other Republicans have called for an ethics inquiry into the first-term lawmaker.

“Congressman Santos showed a flagrant disregard for the law and flagrantly rejected the transparency that voters deserve from their elected officials,” End Citizens United president Tiffany Muller said in a statement to Insider. “His actions are not only unethical but also illegal and call into question his ability to serve. The FEC, DOJ and OCE should immediately investigate and hold him accountable for his suspicious and unlawful actions.”

The group’s complaint to the Department of Justice argues that Santos violated the Government Ethics Act by not only filing the required financial disclosure with nearly a year’s delay, but possibly committing several omissions related to various alleged assets it holds.

In a complaint to the Office of Congressional Ethics – the main investigative body that oversees ethics violations by members of the House of Representatives – he argues that a Republican congressman violated federal law by demanding campaign contributions in exchange for attending a swearing-in on Capitol grounds. Last month, Santos team ad round-trip bus tickets from New York to Washington D.C., lunch, Santos’s swearing-in ceremony, and a tour of the Capitol in exchange for a minimum $100 donation. Federal law prohibits the use of official resources in connection with campaign activity.

And the group’s complaint to the Federal Elections Commission centers on an alleged $700,000 personal loan he made for his campaign, which the group said was either from a “shell company” or a prohibited corporate contribution.

He also claims that nearly 40 payments of $199.99 made to his campaign constituted an attempt to circumvent federal regulations that require campaigns to store receipts for purchases of $200 or more.

An insider has reached out to Santos’ newly formed congressional office and will update this story with any response.

These three complaints add to a string of other complaints the congressman is already dealing with. On Monday alone, American Bridge filed a complaint with the OCE, arguing that Santos had falsified its financial disclosures, while the Campaign Legal Center filed a complaint with the FEC similar to that filed by End Citizens United.

Santos’ history and finances are also under investigation by prosecutors at the federal level, New York State and Brazil.

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