GOP Hypocrisy Revealed in Scathing Compilation of CNN’s Reaction to Biden Papers and Trump Raid

GOP Hypocrisy Revealed in Scathing Compilation of CNN’s Reaction to Biden Papers and Trump Raid

GOP Hypocrisy Revealed in Scathing Compilation of CNN’s Reaction to Biden Papers and Trump Raid

A CNN supercut shows that Republican politicians are very concerned about secret documents found at Joe Biden’s properties, but they were much less concerned when secret documents were found during Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort raid.

News broke on Monday that Mr. Biden’s lawyers had uncovered a small number of documents from his vice-presidential era that had been classified as classified. They discovered the documents while cleaning out a private office last fall and reportedly immediately handed them over to the federal government.

On Wednesday and Thursday, information emerged that additional documents had been found elsewhere. These documents were also immediately handed over to the government.

On CNN This morningpresenters Don Lemon, Poppy Harlow, and Kaitlan Collins discussed the findings and attempts by conservatives to make a head-to-head comparison between the discovery and surrender of documents by Mr. Biden’s team and Mr. Trump, who allegedly failed to hand over the requested documents, having been subject to a federal raid and then requesting the return of the documents.

They also noted that Republican responses to the two situations were far from coherent.

In one of the clips, Congressman James Comer tells an interviewer that the Mar-a-Lago discovery “wasn’t equal to a pile of beans” and said investigating their discovery “wouldn’t be a priority.”

CNN Supercut Showing Inconsistent Republican Responses to Discovery of Secret Documents at Joe Biden, Donald Trump Estate

Discussing Mr Biden, Mr Comer says the discovery of classified documents in two locations is “very disturbing”.

“Listen, what does the vice president do with secret documents?”

Congressman Mike Turner called both situations “outrageous” but defended Trump, saying it was likely “a clerical issue between the archivist and the former president.”

However, Mr Biden’s situation was “outrageous”, according to Mr Turner, because it is “total mishandling of classified information”, noting that “it is possible that we will hold hearings on them”.

Senator Lindsey Graham said Democrats “would be rice in the street” if they tried to impeach Mr Trump citing Hillary Clinton’s private mail server, but then said there would be “a lot of anger” and “would hurt the country” if a special adviser was not created to to examine Mr. Biden’s files.

As Ms. Harlow pointed out, Supercut Democrats were a bit more consistent in getting the message across, noting that they had concerns about the documents while dismissing the false equivalences between the Mar-a-Lago raid and the voluntary return of documents uncovered by Biden’s camp.

Congressman Adam Schiff said that “the fact that [classified documents] they were in an unsecured area that is guarded by nothing more than a padlock or whatever security they had in the hotel is deeply alarming” regarding Mr Trump’s situation.

Referring to the Biden documents, he said “there is concern when classified documents are where they shouldn’t be,” but said “there is no evidence of intent or obstruction of justice as we see with Donald Trump.” .

Congressman Daniel Goldman said the discovery of Mr. Trump’s document was “probably a crime” before questioning “why was he hiding these documents even when requested?”

Referring to Mr. Biden’s situation, he said “of course I’m concerned,” but noted that “cooperation comes from the Biden administration and the president’s lawyers. And there was no cooperation from Donald Trump,

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