Introducing the most surprising ‘Resident Evil’ gadget, yours for 5

Introducing the most surprising ‘Resident Evil’ gadget, yours for $215

Introducing the most surprising ‘Resident Evil’ gadget, yours for 5

Resident Evil collectors have enjoyed a plethora of strange and wonderful goods in recent years. Rubber duck with tofu, anyone? How about a beautiful, bloody Raccoon City pennant? If that fails, there’s always a plush Cerberus with a cute glassy eye and exposed ribs. (I won’t lie, I quite like it.)

However, the iconic first aid spray has yet to be officially offered – until now. With this latest addition to Resident Evilcollection of gadgets, fans and avid gamers could be offered the strangest “collector’s” yet, not least because of its huge price.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary Resident Evil–a bit late to the party, considering the first game in the series was released over 26 years ago in early 1996, and Capcom itself completed the franchise’s Silver Jubilee in March 2022– GameFlavor’s Resident Evil First Aid Drink Collector’s Box contains one of the most surprising gaming tidbits in years.

Featuring ten bottles of first aid spray along with ink ribbon trinkets, this new version is reasonably priced at €199 ($215) – that is, if each bottle replicates its ability to instantly heal any wound in the game. Unfortunately not.

Licensed by Capcom, this package “brings iconic items from the virtual screen to the real world”, but only up to a point. The container is advertised as an “authentic storage chest”. [that] visually resembles the model from the game”, is made of cardboard instead of wood, even though the package costs the same as 3.5 copies pre-ordered Resident Evil 4 remake, which is scheduled to premiere on March 24.

The GameFlavor Hydration Station includes ten 330 ml (11.1 oz) first aid spray cans, four ribbon cans filled with various spice blends that mimic herbs found throughout Resident Evil plus a spray cap, a selection of cocktail recipes and a certificate of authenticity.

According to the creator, the collection was “inspired by the herbs, spices and fruits found in the game”, resulting in each First Aid Spray containing “a delicious and refreshing green tea-based drink enriched with hints of cucumber and lime” Mint.” Additional spray cap – singular – “allows fans to present first aid spray even after using its contents.” good.

Meanwhile, each ribbon tin contains one of four different spices, “which can be used to mix authentic non-alcoholic cocktails or serve as inspiration for your own cocktail creations using the included recipe cards.” Alcohol is not included if you regret your purchase and feel the need for a strong drink.

Delivery is scheduled for the third quarter of 2023 when that happens Resident Evil will be 27 years old. If you’re a die-hard fan who disagrees with my cynicism and plan to add this to your collection, I don’t blame you. After all, I’m certainly no saint – my best man summoned me at his own wedding, in front of everyone I love, for my enduring commitment to gaming-themed plastic. Still, I have to admit that I’ve never spent more than $200 on a cardboard box filled with less than a gallon of soft drinks. If you are still interested, you can order it here.

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