Jake Paul has reportedly offered Tommy Fury a fight contract worth .5 million

Jake Paul has reportedly offered Tommy Fury a fight contract worth $2.5 million

Jake Paul has reportedly offered Tommy Fury a fight contract worth .5 million

The report claims that controversial YouTuber and professional boxer Jake Paul offered Tommy Fury $2.5 million for the fight.

The report indicates that it is controversial YouTube character and boxer Jake Paul offered Tommy Fury a $2.5 million boxing contract. The opportunity to fight Jake Paul and Tommy Fury has been going on for over a year now. First scheduled to meet in December 2021, Fury withdrew from a match with the YouTube star due to an infection and a broken rib. A second scheduled match in August 2022 was also cancelled, this time due to Fury’s visa status. It seems that Paul still very much wants the match to go ahead.


Paul and Fury’s feud exploded ahead of the August 2021 event. Fury was scheduled to fight Anthony Taylor while Paul was preparing to fight Tyron Woodley. The two argued on social media, which escalated into obscene insults involving relatives of each fighter. Fury reignited the feud in November 2022 after Paul Anderson defeated Silva, but Paul says he will not “risk” the event itself. Instead, he wants Fury to hold an event in England for their match. And he is ready to put money into this venture.

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Last week, Frank Warren, promoter of Tommy Fury, said he believed a deal was “not far away” as both parties were keen to deliver on it. Further reports from Wade Plem claim a source has confirmed that Fury has been awarded a $2.5 million contract to fight Jake Paul. This contract was said to be worth $500,000 over what Paul had previously offered Fury.

Paul has since commented on the report saying that while he is unable to confirm or deny it, he can say that Tommy Fury “will never see the kind of money that getting in the ring with me offers him.” Paul then added that Fury is “still on the run”, echoing comments from a video he posted earlier in the day.

It is not clear how much of what is going on in the public eye is “work” produced as a kind of public relations to get attention, and how much is relevant to the business in question. It is clear that the deal has not been concluded. Jake Paul believes the fight is worth it, while Fury has made it clear that he’s not as committed to the fight itself as he is to the attention the fight opportunity brings to his brand.

As much as Jake Paul and fans around the world want a Fury fight, Paul isn’t going to wait any longer. The YouTuber recently signed with PFL MMA and offered Nate Diaz two fights, one boxing fight and one MMA fight. Paul is also aiming for another boxing matchup with former UFC fighter Mike Perry, which could take place as early as February. Fury or no Fury, there will be many exciting Jake Paul fights in 2023.

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Source: BoxingScene, MMAFighting

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