Jen Shah says law enforcement officials held his son at gunpoint

Jen Shah says law enforcement officials held his son at gunpoint

Jen Shah says law enforcement officials held his son at gunpoint

  • Jen Shah was convicted Friday by a Manhattan federal court of telemarketing fraud.
  • She apologized to her son, saying officers were armed when she was arrested in March 2021.
  • Federal and local officials did not immediately return an Insider’s request for comment on Friday.

Jen Shah, one of the stars of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City, apologized to her youngest son in court Friday, just before he was sentenced to 6 1/2 years in prison for his part in a telemarketing scam.

The 49-year-old reality TV star was arrested in March 2021 on charges of conspiracy to commit electronic fraud and money laundering.

Shah settled in July, pleading guilty to the first charge. Her sentence was handed down Friday in federal court in Manhattan, with her husband and two sons attending in support.

During her sentencing, Shah issued a statement apologizing to her victims, friends and family.

She also apologized to her youngest son Omar, a high school senior, for the “trauma” he suffered after the Shah said he was “woken at gunpoint, handcuffed and escorted out of the house” on the day of her arrest.

Omar sat with a steel face, listening to a public apology from his mother.

This wasn’t the first time Shah had spoken about how her son was treated on the day of her arrest.

During the 13th episode of the second season of “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City”, Shah was filmed telling fellow cast member Heather Gay about the federal agents who “pulled an AR-15” on her son.

“We tell the boys, ‘You’re black in a predominantly white community. For example, don’t move, don’t say anything, be polite,” Shah told Gay. “And it makes me sick because what if they thought Omar had moved the wrong way or done something and they could have shot him or something?”

An insider contacted Homeland Security Investigations, the Salt Lake City FBI, the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office, and the Summit County Sheriff’s Office on Friday, but received no immediate response from either agency. A Salt Lake City police spokesman said police were not involved in Shah’s arrest. A representative for Shah did not return an Insider’s request for comment.

Shah was convicted on Friday in connection with telemarketing scams in which prosecutors say she had been involved for nearly a decade. Shah was described as one of the leaders of the scheme, supplying potential victims to telemarketers, most of whom were over the age of 55.

He is due to submit to begin his sentence on February 17.

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