LG recalls 86-inch TV models due to “severe tipping” risk.

LG recalls 86-inch TV models due to “severe tipping” risk.

LG recalls 86-inch TV models due to “severe tipping” risk.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, several 86-inch LG TV models can tip over, which may cause injury to people nearby.

On Thursday, the commission released(Opens in a new window) a safety recall involving 52,000 86-inch LG TVs sold in the US. The subject of the auction is the stand attached to the TV. “The TV may become unstable on the assembled stand, creating a serious risk of tipping over and entrapment which could cause injury or death to children and others,” said the CPSC.

LG says users have nothing to worry about – that is, if they installed the stand correctly. This is also not a problem for TVs that have been mounted on the wall.

The recall covers four models of LG TVs: 86UQ8000AUB, 86UQ7070ZUD, 86UQ7590PUD and 86NANO75UQA, all of which weigh around 100 pounds. As a result, televisions can cause serious damage, especially to young children, if they fall.

The company sold TVs from March to September 2022 through retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and Costco. “LG Electronics has received 22 reports of TV stand instability, resulting in 12 reports of tipping over,” the CPSC said, although no injuries have been reported so far.

To find out if your TV model is affected, look for serial numbers starting with 202RM, 203RM, 204RM, 205RM, 206RM, 207RM or 208RM which are located in the lower right corner on the back of the TV, along with the model number.

How to find your LG TV model number.

(Source: CPSC)

“Consumers can also check the serial number by quickly pressing the mute button on the original LG remote that came with the TV three times quickly,” added the CPSC.

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LG did not immediately respond to a request for comment. But the company has quietly released a recall notice(Opens in a new window) about TVs earlier this week. The company claims that the TV may tip over if the screws in the assembled stand are not fully tightened. “Where TV stands are properly installed or not subjected to excessive external force or loading, there is no demonstrable vulnerability,” says LG.

LG’s recall notice contains detailed instructions on how to correctly assemble the TV stand. According to the CPSC, the company is also ready to help affected consumers by sending them a replacement stand and screws to fix the problem. Owners can contact LG using this web form(Opens in a new window)by calling 800-243-0000 or texting “STAND” to 256-888-9977.

LG also sold 2,900 units of 86-inch TVs in Mexico and another 1,800 units in Canada.

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