Lombardo ends mandates, deals with vacancies in the first EO

Lombardo ends mandates, deals with vacancies in the first EO

Lombardo ends mandates, deals with vacancies in the first EO

Nevada Governor Joe Lombardo (right) ended the mandates of the previous coronavirus-era administration and urged state leaders to address state employee vacancies in his first two executive orders issued Friday.

Lombardo’s first Executive Order was “Executive Order 2023-001: An Order Reversing All COVID-19 Era Declarations, Executive Orders, and Directives.”

As Lombardo’s office explained:

COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations have fallen significantly from their peaks, vaccines and treatments are widely available, and many Nevada residents have built natural immunity.

Accordingly, this Executive Order repeals and cancels all other COVID-19 emergency declarations, executive orders, and directives.

In a second executive action, Lombardo issued an order that “urged state leaders to address state employee vacancies and return state employees to personal, normal office operation by July 1.” explained.

Lombardo’s second executive order was titled:

Executive Order 2023-002: An order directing the Department of Administration to review and make recommendations regarding hiring, retention, and promotion policies and procedures related to state employment, and to work with executive branch agencies to transition the state’s workforce to pre-pandemic, normal, and customary office functions until July 1, 2023

According to Lombardo’s office, the executive vacancy order comes in the wake of a reported 24 percent vacancy rate in the Nevada state government.

Furthermore, many state agencies have not returned to office since the pandemic, which is hampering the state’s ability to “service Nevada residents efficiently and effectively,” Lombardo’s office explained.

The second executive order also “calls on the Department of Administration to immediately begin working with all state agencies to develop a plan to ensure that state employees return to normal and customary pre-pandemic office activities by July 1, 2023.”

Lombardo was sworn in earlier this week in Carson City after defeating former Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak (D) in the November election.

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