Micron 9400 High-Performance Enterprise SSD and Biwin IPO

Micron 9400 High-Performance Enterprise SSD and Biwin IPO

Micron 9400 High-Performance Enterprise SSD and Biwin IPO

This first blog in 2023 will cover Micron’s new high-performance NVMe SSDs for enterprise and cloud storage for database, AI and multi-tenant environments. There will also be talk about the recent public offering of the Chinese manufacturer of flash memory and memory Biwin.

Micron introduced its 9400 176-layer 3D TLC NAND PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSD. The product provides up to 30 TB of capacity with up to 77% higher IOPS/Watt than previous generation products and higher mixed read/write performance than the competitor. This product serves the high-performance and enterprise cloud market segment as shown in the image below.

This U.3 SSD reads and writes at 7GB/s with up to 1.6M random read IOPS and is optimized for read-intensive or mixed use applications as shown below. The product also supports sanitization and crypto-wipe, comes with a 5-year warranty with 2M hours MTTF.

The company claims this SSD has 23% better performance and 32% better responsiveness with RocksDB, and thanks to NVIDIA Magnum IO GDS, it supports 25% better performance under heavy load for AI applications. In a noisy, multi-tenant environment, it offers 2.3x better throughput and 62% faster response time than other products.

Micron’s high-performance NVMe 9400 SSDs complement the mainstream 7000 series NVMe SSDs and 5000 series mainstream SATA SSDs.

Chinese (Shenzen) NAND flash and DRAM product startup Biwin Storage Technology Company Limited raised USD 86.3 million in public offering on December 30, 2022. Investors in Biwin include China Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund, Oriental Fortune Capital, TEDA Venture Capital, CAS Investment Management, China Internet Investment Fund and others.

Biwin manufactures SSDs and compact flash cards, as well as some DRAM products. It produces embedded memory, consumer storage, and industrial storage products. Its plant employs more than 200 engineers in Shenzhen, Chengdu and Hangzhou and holds 156 domestic and foreign patents.

Micron introduced its high-performance PCIe Gen4 NVMe 9400 SSD for enterprises and clouds for database, AI and multi-tenant environments. Biwin, a Chinese flash and memory products company, raises $86 million in public offering.

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