Mike Lindell says he has enough backing to derail Ronna McDaniel

Mike Lindell says he has enough backing to derail Ronna McDaniel

Mike Lindell says he has enough backing to derail Ronna McDaniel

  • Mike Lindell says he has the backing to derail the re-election of RNC chairwoman Ronny McDaniel.
  • Lindell leads a dark horse campaign in a three-way race with McDaniel and lawyer Harmeet Dhillon.
  • Lindell told Insider that he secured the votes to ensure McDaniel did not get a head-to-head win.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell says he has garnered enough support to derail longtime nemesis Ronna McDaniel, a re-election seeker, to lead the Republican National Committee.

Speaking to Insider on Monday night, Lindell said he has “locked in” the commitments he needs to make sure McDaniel doesn’t take the win outright. The leadership of the RNC will be determined by a vote at the committee’s winter meeting later this month.

“It’s going to be like what you just saw happening in our Congress here, you know. There will be many votes and there will be a three-way race and we will all stay until someone reaches 85,” Lindell told Insider, referring to the required majority of votes from the RNC’s 168 voting members.

“I have many states now. I believe he is much younger than 85 – with my math I would say around 70 to 75,” Lindell said of McDaniel.

Lindell admitted that the remaining votes could be split between him and attorney Harmeet Dhillon, who is also challenging McDaniel for the top job at the RNC.

As for Lindell’s chances of gaining ground, it’s unclear what support he has. He told Insider he had called “a third” of the RNC’s 168 members since he announced his candidacy in November.

“And when you talk to some – sometimes I talk for three to four hours with one person,” Lindell told Insider on Monday. “They’re causing problems, and I say, here’s how I’m going to solve them: whether it’s a new communication structure at the RNC or a fundraiser restructuring.”

“I still have a lot of calls to make,” Lindell added.

The Alabama and Texas GOPs turn against McDaniel

Lindell may be right about the tide turning against McDaniel. On Monday, NBC reported that the Alabama GOP had declared its stance against McDaniel.

“We believe that the leadership of the RNC needs a new vision for future elections,” the committee said in a statement.

The committee added that it could not “endorse or support” McDaniel and announced a “vote of no confidence in her leadership”.

“We encourage all RNC members nationwide to support the new leadership at the RNC Winter Meeting,” the commission wrote in its statement.

The Texas GOP also voted unanimously in December for a new RNC leader.

However, the strongest contender for McDaniel appears to be Dhillon, not Lindell. CNN reported in December that Dhillon is fighting a tough fight. The media spoke to an anonymous RNC member who described the race as a “bare-knuckle fight” between Dhillon and McDaniel.

Notably, McDaniel was backed in November by a majority of voting RNC members – 101 in total – who signed a letter endorsing her re-election, reports The Hill.

Dhillon and a McDaniel representative did not immediately respond to Insider requests for comment.

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