More than half of Xbox Series X owners in the UK don’t consider it their main console

More than half of Xbox Series X owners in the UK don’t consider it their main console

More than half of Xbox Series X owners in the UK don’t consider it their main console

Xbox owners can treat the console as an additional system.

Xbox Series owners appear to be much less likely to consider their console a major compared to PS5 owners in the UK, according to new research by Ampere Analysis.

The research firm says that nearly half, or 48 percent, of Xbox Series X owners to be exact believe it’s the console they use the most. Flipping the other way, that means 52 percent of Xbox Series X owners don’t consider it their primary system. When it comes to the weaker Xbox Series S, only 35 percent. of its owners regard it as their main system. This is in contrast to PS5 owners (disc version), where 71 percent of those surveyed consider this console to be the most used console.

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Piers Harding Rolls, a game analyst at Ampere Analysis, pointed out that PS5 owners are more likely to treat it as their “entry console” than all other consoles. PS4 was in second place with 54 percent of owners saying it was the most used console, while Nintendo Switch came in behind PS5 and PS4 and tied with Xbox One/One S and 49 percent of owners thinks it’s their master system.

“In a market where the majority of console gamers play on multiple consoles, including cross-brands, the ‘core console’ role has major implications for user monetization, lifetime value, and market share,” said Harding-Rolls later on. tweet. The analyst suggested that Sony’s strong exclusivity strategy coupled with the company’s traditionally strong brand recognition among UK consumers “hasn’t yet been significantly disrupted by Microsoft’s Game Pass strategy”, at least in the UK.

Microsoft is gearing up for a big year for Game Pass and exclusives including Redfall and Starfield for 2023, so that could change, but the results seem to support the notion that gamers are getting the Xbox, and especially the Series S, as a secondary “Game Pass” system “. Ampere’s analysis suggests that PS5 owners consider it their primary console as they are more likely to own only one console. However, this applies to the disc version. Of those who own the Digital Edition PS5, only 43 percent consider it their main system, suggesting that more and more enthusiasts are getting console versions on disc.

Xbox Series X and S side by side

Interestingly, only 39 percent of PS4 Pro owners use this console the most, while the lowest-ranked console was Xbox Series S with 35 percent, which ranked below even Xbox One X (38 percent).

However, Harding-Rolls pointed out on Twitter that this metric does not show comparative time spent across consoles, and that the ratio could change this year as Microsoft has a fuller 2023 release schedule compared to last year.

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