Overwatch 2 double XP celebrates the Olympus event, but the game doesn’t

Overwatch 2 double XP celebrates the Olympus event, but the game doesn’t

Overwatch 2 double XP celebrates the Olympus event, but the game doesn’t

It’s an Overwatch 2 Double XP Weekend to celebrate the ongoing Overwatch 2 Battle for Olympus event, but the devoutly spectacular clash apparently isn’t as popular in-game as it is on Blizzard’s social media. The buff is a great opportunity to jump into an FPS game and work towards leveling up the Overwatch 2 Season 2 Battle Pass for the bundled Greek-themed skins, but the game mode itself feels a bit flat despite its rather novel concept.

The Overwatch Twitter account takes note of this Overwatch 2 Double Match XP is available January 6-9which one frames in celebration of the Battle of Olympus mode, which gives the seven heroes of Overwatch 2 unique powers based on their new Legendary skins. Unfortunately, this bonus only applies to your base match experience, so you won’t get extra rewards for completing a challenge or XP for a recommendation, but it’s still a great way to level up your Season Pass a bit faster.

However, some fans are confused, wondering why – during this supposed celebration – the Battle for Olympus event is no longer featured in Overwatch 2’s main menu. Instead, you’re greeted by the standard menu, which shows a small preview of the Widowmaker’s Medusa skin in the bottom right announcing “new items available in the shop!”

The event mode is certainly very cool in concept, but many players seem rather disappointed by the fact that it’s limited to a free-for-all format and challenges that require you to get a pretty hefty 300 kills with each champion, just unlock the old Mercy skin with first Overwatch. Also, some fans are wondering why the legendary skin for Mercy – one of the heroes most associated with team play – is tied to the free-for-all mode.

I certainly enjoyed the format, but I can’t say I’ll stick to it when playing over the weekend, given that I already have the Winged Victory Mercy skin, and I don’t like the prospect of just grinding a massive kill count. Between the rather unimaginable challenges and the mode’s disappearance from the game’s main menu only a day after its launch, many players are coming to the conclusion that Blizzard is not as enthusiastic about the mode as it claims.

Despite this, Blizzard continues to advertise the mode on social media – highlighting Junker Queen’s current position at the top of the mode’s kill leaderboard will determine who gets their statue placed on the Ruins of Ilios map after the event ends. It would be nice to see some more in-game incentives for players to participate over the weekend.

Overwatch 2’s January 5 patch notes include buffs to Junker Queen, Zarya, Brigitte, and Moira. Take a look at our Overwatch 2 tier list to see who looks best in the current meta, along with our guide to the best Overwatch 2 settings for optimal gaming performance.

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