Robyn Brown is tired of being “punished” by Kody’s ex

Robyn Brown is tired of being “punished” by Kody’s ex

Robyn Brown is tired of being “punished” by Kody’s ex

  • Robyn Brown has said she is tired of being “punished” for having a good relationship with Kody Brown.
  • “I won’t let Kody push me around,” Robyn said.
  • Three of Kody’s former partners said Robyn appeared to be his favorite wife.

In the final installment of TLC’s “Sister Wives: One on One,” Robyn Brown said she was “tired of being punished” by ex-sister wives for communicating well with husband Kody Brown.

Kody once had a total of four wives, but is now only romantically involved with Robyn, who is also his legal wife.

He and his third wife, Christine Brown, announced their separation in November 2021 and consider themselves “divorced”. In a trailer for the special finale released in December, Kody and his second wife, Janelle Brown, announced they were “separated”. Around the same time, his first wife, Meri Brown, said he “made the decision” to end their spiritual marriage of more than 30 years.

“I’m tired of being punished and blamed and people think I’m a bad person because I’m just communicating,” Robyn told host Sukanya Krishnan. “I’m tired of being punished for this. I’m sick of this being a bad thing because it’s not.”

Kody and Robyn keep kissing

Kody and Robyn kissed before their wedding in The Wives’ Sisters.


The mother-of-five said she and Kody got into disagreements, but she was never the one to “pass” her fights with Kody to his ex-wives.

“I don’t let Kody push me around. I’m telling my truth, I’m talking to him,” she insisted, adding that she spoke to him as if he were her “best customer” and expected the same treatment in return.

Robyn said she no longer wants to apologize for her healthy marriage. “I’m tired of feeling like I have a good relationship with Kody while other people don’t. It’s their business, they have to figure it out,” she added.

Kody refused to talk to Krishnan about his relationship with Robyn. At the beginning of the episode, when Krishnan asked if Robyn was his favorite wife, he called the question “unfair”. He said his three ex-partners “talked” to him throughout their marriage, but Robyn, as far as he knew, didn’t.

Meri, Robyn, Janelle and Christine Brown.

Meri, Robyn, Janelle and Christine Brown.


When asked if Robyn was a favorite wife, Janelle said she and her children felt that Kody was “out of proportion” to the amount of time he spent at her home.

“Robyn is the one she feels most comfortable with,” Meri said in response to the same question. She added that Kody “values ​​loyalty.”

Christine said she “felt” that “it was obvious from the start” that Robyn was Kody’s favorite wife. “I’m not blind and I’m not stupid either,” she added. Christine said that Robyn was not a “scapegoat”, but believed that Kody and Robyn were “soul mates”.

Sister Wives is now available to stream on Discovery Plus.

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