Ronald Reagan’s daughter suggests ‘Be Quiet’ to Prince Harry

Ronald Reagan’s daughter suggests ‘Be Quiet’ to Prince Harry

Ronald Reagan’s daughter suggests ‘Be Quiet’ to Prince Harry

With experience and regret, Patti Davis, daughter of former President Ronald Reagan, advises Prince Harry to “keep quiet.”

As we all know, Prince Harry spent the better part of two years running around making a world-class fool of himself. The best part was his relentless acts of self-castration. The man I once thought of as an Afghan veteran is now the man I think of who ran to a therapist after an argument with his brother (which caused Harry’s necklace to break), a man who used phrases like “my truth” and who shamelessly publicly shits his entire family to please the D-girl he chose as his wife.

Imagine spending six hours on Netflix to inform the public that you no longer have a penis.


So sad that Patti Davis, who knows a thing or two about destroying your family for her own mercenary purposes, basically tells him to shut up:

Many years ago someone asked me what I would say to my younger self if I could. Without hesitation, I replied, “It’s simple. I would say, “Be quiet.” Not forever. But until I could stand aside and look at things through a wider lens. Until I realized that words have consequences and last a really long time.

Harry called William not only his “beloved brother”, but also his “archnemesis”. He chose words that hurt deeply, leave a scar; perhaps if he had taken some time to calm down, to consider the enduring power of his words, he would have chosen differently.

Silence gives you space, gives you distance, and allows you to look at your experiences more fully, without the temptation to settle scores. Sometime in the years to come, Harry may look back the way I did and wish he could take back what he said.

You had to be there in the 1980s to understand the damage Davis did to herself and her family. Nor was she a child. Born in 1952, she was in her thirties for most of her father’s presidency and tirelessly destroyed her family to 1) become famous, 2) get rich and 3) find love with Beautiful People.

In this November 20, 2004 photo, Patti Davis, daughter of the late US President Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan, poses next to artwork donated to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California. (Chris Pizzello, File/AP)

It must also be said that Davis deserves a great deal of credit for admitting his mistakes and regrets. It is by no means easy. But in her case, the destruction of the family was her public identity, exactly what made her a household name. Admitting now how bad it was… Well, it takes as much courage as wisdom.

Harry is 38 years old and the public grenades he throws at his family are him own family… well, this is unreasonable behavior. And if he ever gains any wisdom, grief will follow him to the grave. And not only will he regret the pain he caused his family; he will regret having made a public fool of himself.

People see through it. As a result, his popularity became a huge success, as it should have been.

He’s a very childish man, a bitter child, an emotionally insecure eunuch who throws tantrums through six-hour documentaries and an entire book. Can you imagine publicly attacking your own aging father while your 96-year-old grandmother is battling cancer and dealing with the loss of her husband?


Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace, November 4, 2015, London, England. (Chris Jackson – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

This is not a criticism of Patti Davis. As I said, she deserves the most credit in the world for having the courage to admit how wrong she was. But I wish she had warned Harry about the Beautiful People using him the way they used her.

That’s what they do… They use people. To serve their own nefarious agendas, they turn people into narcissistic and cruel traitors. Corporate media, celebrity machine… Devour your soul with this siren song: Walk through the Dark Side. We have cookies. And as long as you follow our nihilistic plan, no matter what you do, we will tell you how brave, noble and decent you are. Just as Christ turned water into wine, we have the demonic power to turn your sins into virtues. Oprah will adore you. Hollywood and the publishing industry will bury you in gold. The bubble will never let conscience or shame raise its ugly head.

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