Schools in New York block access to ChatGPT due to fraud concerns

Schools in New York block access to ChatGPT due to fraud concerns

Schools in New York block access to ChatGPT due to fraud concerns

The AI-powered ChatGPT program and its ability to produce responses and essays as if written by a human may have captivated the public in recent weeks. However, the New York school system is no fan.

The city’s Department of Education has decided to block access to an AI chatbot amid concerns that the same technology could ruin students’ learning.(Opens in a new window) to Chalkbeat New York, who first broke the news.

“Due to concerns about the negative impact on student learning and concerns about content security and accuracy, access to ChatGPT is limited on New York Public School networks and devices,” the department said in a statement to PCMag. “While the tool may be able to provide quick and easy answers to questions, it does not build critical thinking and problem solving skills that are essential for academic and lifelong success.”

The only exception to this block is for schools that request access to ChatGPT for AI and technology education purposes, a department spokesman added.

Sample ChatGPT image

An example of an essay that ChatGPT can write. (Source: OpenAI)

ChatGPT(Opens in a new window) is a free program from the OpenAI research lab in San Francisco. The chatbot has been trained to replicate text conversations. Therefore, you can ask the program to tell you a joke, write a song about a certain topic, create a computer code, or explain something, such as a scientific theory and the causes of World War I.

The problem is that it is easy for any student to use ChatGPT to cheat on written homework. With a simple query, you can ask the program to write essays on books, movies, and historical events. The result may not always be accurate, and ChatGPT can’t handle complex or niche topics. But an AI-powered program can produce comprehensible essays that can score positively in class.

So it’s no surprise that teachers are increasingly concerned about ChatGPT’s potential to disrupt learning. Washington Post he spoke(Opens in a new window) to one student who used a cheat program in an IT homework assignment. They also caught university professors(Opens in a new window) their students also use the program.

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The New York City Department of Education responds by blocking the program’s access to the school network. But of course, students will still be able to access ChatGPT outside of class or through their own smartphones. So the problem may not go away for teachers anytime soon.

However, OpenAI said it was working on “mitigation” to prevent students from misusing ChatGPT for cheating purposes. “We have provided ChatGPT as a research preview to learn from real-world applications, which we believe is a critical part of developing and deploying high-performance, secure AI systems. We are constantly taking into account feedback and lessons learned,” said the laboratory.

“We do not want ChatGPT to be used for misleading purposes in schools or anywhere else, so we are already developing countermeasures to help anyone identify the text generated by this system. We look forward to working with teachers on useful solutions and other ways to help teachers and students reap the benefits of AI,” OpenAI added.

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