The artist designs unique Poke Balls for each Pokemon from the Kanto region

The artist designs unique Poke Balls for each Pokemon from the Kanto region

The artist designs unique Poke Balls for each Pokemon from the Kanto region

A Pokemon artist creates unique Poke Balls for each Pokemon from the Kanto region and showcases his efforts in a video.

AND Pokemon fan and artist created some unique and intricate Poke Balls based on the original composition of the Kanto region. The artist then posted some of his work in a video on social media and gained the attention and praise of others Pokemon fans for their efforts.

In the first generation Pokemon games, the Kanto region hosted 151 unique Pokemon, each with distinct traits that have remained mostly intact over the past three decades. Some of the most famous Pokemon from Kanto have appeared Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as well, and some received new variants in different generations. From Meowth receiving two regional varieties in Pokémon Sun and Moonand again in Pokemon Sword and Shieldto others such as Tauros receiving three different forms of Paldean in the current generation, the impact that the Kanto region has on the larger world Pokemon goes beyond its limits.


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Reddit user threerobots posted a short 18-second video of some of the Poke Balls he has created. The video was posted on the r/pokemon subreddit, and included designs for Blastoise, Machamp, Meowth, Mewtwo, and Lickitung. However, threerobots posted all 151 unique Poke Ball designs on their YouTube channel called “Here’s Wally” for Pokemon fans to watch.

According to the video story, the inspiration for these fan-made Poke Balls was taken from another Cantonese Pokemon in the form of Ditto. Ditto can transform into copies of other Pokemon they see, and is commonly sought after by Pokemon breeders to mass-produce Pokemon eggs. Ditto has appeared in almost every major series Pokemon game so far. As a result, the three robots named their creation “Ditto Ball” and explained that the Ball, like the Pokemon it comes from, takes on a resemblance to the Pokemon it holds inside.

The post on Reddit received over 3.6 thousand likes. votes on the r/pokemon subreddit. In the comments, the three robots stated that they used Blender to create the “Ditto Ball” variant designs, but it wasn’t clear how long it took them to make each of the Poke Balls in question. However, three robots have expressed interest in creating “Ditto Balls” in the future based on Pokemon from other regions, such as Johto.

To this day, Poke Balls remain in use from Kanto to Paldea and are a staple item Pokemon trainers around the world. While new, official Poke Ball designs aren’t that common these days, it’s not over yet Pokemon fans and artists from designing their own Poke Balls for their favorite Pokemon.

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Source: YouTube/Here’s Wally

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