The best in car technology from CES 2023

The best in car technology from CES 2023

The best in car technology from CES 2023

It’s a hell of a time to own a car.

While you wouldn’t normally think of cars as “consumer electronics,” CES always brings warmth with auto-tech, and the 2023 fair was no different. Everyone from Google to BMW to Volkswagen to Garmin jumped in, either with all-new cars or clever new features for existing cars.


CES 2023: Everything you need to know

Whether it’s a car that changes colors, a car that glows in the dark, or a convenient way to get toxins out of your car, CES 2023 had it all.

Android Auto is undergoing a facelift

New Android Auto interface

A fresh coat of paint for Android Auto.
Source: Google

First there is Android Auto, Google’s software-level solution for Android phones connected to cars. Android Auto itself isn’t new, but Google rolled out a much-needed product makeover at CES and made it available to users immediately, which is nice.

The Maps view is now on the left side of the car’s interior display, so it’s the first thing drivers will see when they look at the screen. There’s a new quick toolbar for frequently accessed apps, and everything has been updated to reflect the ‘Material You’ look that Pixel phones have been playing sports for several years.

Between these additions and the ability to make WhatsApp calls from your phone while driving, Android Auto users would probably be satisfied. But there is more. Podcasts and music finally have a progress bar so you can skip ahead to your favorite tracks while driving. Great stuff.

Air purifier for cup holder

Panasonic portable air purifier for cars

Eliminate odors straight from the cup holder.
Source: Panasonic

Sometimes cars don’t smell good. Whether it’s due to food or environmental circumstances beyond your control (count your blessings if you’ve never driven past a field full of livestock), Panasonic has a way around the problem.

The nanoe X portable air purifier looks like a stainless steel water bottle, but is actually an air purifier that can fit in a car cup holder. It creates tiny water particles that oxidize the air, ideally reducing both odors and bad bacteria in the car. We can’t vouch for its effectiveness against disease, but it should at least keep your car smelling fresh.

Hot Tip: Regular car washes will do this as well.

Ready Vision and Ready Care

The Harman Ready vision

Source: Harman

It seems like we’ve been waiting forever for cars to resemble their sci-fi counterparts Minority Report. FROM Harman new Ready Vision technology, the wait can be over.

With Ready Vision, your car will use augmented reality to project helpful images onto the windshield. GPS instructions, blind spot alerts and other important information about your car can be displayed by Ready Vision, which Harman says will go into production this spring.

Another new feature from Harman that will go into production at the same time is Ready Care. Using neuroscience and machine learning, Ready Care uses cameras, sensors and monitors to detect if drivers are asleep or otherwise distracted. In this case, the car will provide a personalized response to keep you focused on the road.

BMW and VW go crazy with exterior paint

VW ID.7 car on a cliff

Glowing Volkswagen ID.7.
Source: Volkswagen

BMW and Vision Dee in yellow

Sometimes you just want a yellow car.
Source: BMW

In fact, for the entire century, cars were usually painted in one color and that was it. However, BMW and Volkswagen arrived at CES with two unique visions of how cars can customize their appearance on the fly.

The VW ID.7 is an electric sedan that is sure to be an eye-catcher on the road as it is covered in multicolored digital camouflage and QR codes. Different sections of the car can light up or dim independently, so your car can, for example, put on a light show in sync with the music you’re listening to. It’s not entirely clear if this is helpful in any way, but it’s a conversation starter if nothing else.

The same applies BMW and Vision Dee. It is a concept car with an external e-ink coating that allows drivers to actually change the color of the car. You can choose from 32 different shades for 240 different car body segments, creating all sorts of unique designs to suit your taste. Again, this feature is unlikely to change your life, but it will is nice to have a giant mechanical chameleon in the garage.

The car camera of your dreams

Garmin dash cam live

Ne’er-do-well will think twice before messing with your car.
Source: Garmin

At last, Garmin it came to CES with a dash cam that can do all sorts of cool thingsā€¦ for a small price.

The $400 Dash Cam Live comes with LTE connectivity for a $10/month fee. If you choose to pay, you’ll be able to remotely view 140-degree 1440p video from your dash cam no matter where you are. If someone tries to do some funny business with your car while you are in a restaurant, for example, you will be able to see it and react accordingly.


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The always-on camera will also automatically save event clips with time and location tags, and it supports voice commands so you can tell it what to do while you keep your hands on the wheel. It’s certainly not a color-changing car or a portable air purifier, but it could be argued that the Dash Cam Live is the most useful in-car tech shown at CES.

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