The concept of luxury camping suspends travelers: photos

The concept of luxury camping suspends travelers: photos

The concept of luxury camping suspends travelers: photos

  • Ardh Architect from Dubai designed a glamping site with tents suspended between two mountains.
  • There is a “good chance” that this project will go ahead in the coming years pending resources and plans.
  • Two-person tents can start at around $300 per pod.

Luxury campsites with Airstream caravans, canvas tents and yurts have become wildly popular in the last few years. But Dubai-based firm Ardh Architects takes glamping – a combination of the words “glamorous” and “camping” – a step further, literally.

The Ardha concept is not for acrophobic travelers. Instead of tents pitched on the ground, the architectural studio’s design features tents suspended nearly 330 feet off the ground and between two mountains.

The project is still in the concept phase and is being developed in partnership with the Investment and Development Authority of Sharjah, the third largest city in the United Arab Emirates. But Omran Alowais, the lead architect, told Insider in an email that there is a “good chance” that it will be realized in the coming years, pending expected considerations such as funding, planning, resources and regulatory approval.

Rendering of a floating tent

Architect Arqui9/Ardh

If approved, the hanging campsite will have 10 two-person tents with the option of additional or fewer “pods.” Using a system similar to a suspension bridge with ropes, the row of tents will be attached to the main structure located between the two mountains. These motorized pods can then be lowered and raised individually, dangling approximately 328 feet off the ground, depending on wind conditions.

As with most glamping accommodation, the goal is to disconnect from nature while providing comfortable accommodation. The steel frame tents will have the usual amenities such as a bed, bathroom, room service, Wi-Fi and entertainment systems. But this interior can be reconfigured to accommodate groups such as psychedelic or business retreats.

For extra privacy, only the front of the tent will be lined with clear material. The exact material used around the tent has not been disclosed, but Alowais notes that it must be lightweight, fire retardant and waterproof, breathable and UV resistant.

Floating tent walkway rendering

Architect Arqui9/Ardh

To take advantage of the unique location, the property will have plenty of activities nearby and on site, such as organized tours, climbing and of course a spa. And if guests suddenly develop a fear of heights, they can always go to the concierge and restaurant on the ground floor.

If built, the floating hotel will be more than an hour from Dubai, with prices starting at around $300 per capsule per night, Alowais said. The campsite will only be open from November to May when the weather cools down. In summer it will be open during the day for spa visits and sightseeing.

“The market for paid experiences has grown significantly in recent years, and floating retreats offer something new and different that a wide range of people may enjoy,” said Alowais.

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