The most popular shows and movies streaming this week

The most popular shows and movies streaming this week

The most popular shows and movies streaming this week in a new window) helps people find out if the TV shows and movies they want to watch are streaming and where to find them. It also takes data from millions of users per month on what they watch and uses that data to extrapolate the most watched shows that week.

Here are the best shows and movies from the last few days on Netflix and all major streaming services. Below are also the top 10 lists of TV shows and movies. Use it to compare your tastes or find out what you should eat next. You may find a new favourite.

1. Kaleidoscope (Netflix)

A heist TV show starring the always amazing Giancarlo Esposito? Save me. There’s a fun twist – you can watch Kaleidoscope (Opens in a new window)episodes in any order. Netflix serves them in random order to different viewers, usually with just the heist at the end – even though there are two episodes chronologically after that.

Here’s a modern movie that isn’t based on anything else for once! This comedy/horror(Opens in a new window) The film follows a young couple who dine at an exclusive restaurant in a remote area where the chef (Ralph Fiennes) has many surprises in store. Some of them are quite disgusting.

3. Yellowstone (Peacock Premium, Paramount Network, TVision, fuboTV, Philo)

In Montana, John Dutton (Kevin Costner) rules over his violent family(Opens in a new window) with an iron fist in his quest to keep his ranch. His tactics have mixed results, especially for his children, none of whom are likely to win him the father of the year award. In the new season, Dutton entered politics. It should fit.

4. Glass Onion: Secret of the Knife (Netflix)

Benoit Blanc, the modern-day Hercule Poirot played by ex-Bond Daniel Craig, returns in a new murder mystery sequel(Opens in a new window) to perfect Knives outside(Opens in a new window) (in case the title doesn’t hit you over the head explaining this). This one again features an all-star cast of scenery chewers having a great time – until someone is murdered.

5. 1923 (Paramount+)

Harrison Ford and Dame Helen Mirren on TV? Well, for Taylor Sheridan, most actors would – especially when the show is part of the prequel legacy it’s being made for Yellowstone(Opens in a new window).

6. Pale Blue Eye (Netflix)

Christian Bale plays a former police detective hiding out in the woods near West Point in 1830, many years after losing his family. But a murder at the academy draws him back to work, where he teams up with cadet Edgar Allan Poe to solve the case.

7. White Noise (Netflix)

Based on one of those supposedly “unfilmable” books, this Noah Baumbach film is an adaptation of Don DeLillo’s 1985 novel(Opens in a new window) with all its wit and horror: a college professor (Adam Driver) takes his family on the road after a toxic cloud appears over their house.

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8. Ginny and Georgia (Netflix)

An ex-teen mom and her teenage (and more mature) daughter settle in a New England town, but their secrets follow them – including mom Georgia’s murderous tendencies. But this comedy-drama is more than that Gilmore girls than a thriller. Mostly.

9. Wednesday (Netflix)

The Addams Family(Opens in a new window) returns, but this series(Opens in a new window)– from visionary Tim Burton – features daughter Wednesday (Jenna Ortega), who is sent to a boarding school for freaks. With the help of a disembodied hand called the Thing, he must, of course, solve the mystery.

10. Phantoms of Inisherin (HBO Services)

People expecting a breezy comedy haven’t seen director Martin McDonagh’s previous collaborations with stars Colin Farrell and Brendan Gleeson (including in Bruges(Opens in a new window)). Although light in comparison, Banshee’(Opens in a new window) the story of one friend who decided he just didn’t like another quickly sends them both down a dark rabbit hole that terrifies everyone they know. Don’t even start talking to me about the donkey(Opens in a new window).

Here’s the full list of the top 10 from January 5-11, 2023.


  1. Kaleidoscope(Opens in a new window) (Netflix)

  2. Yellowstone(Opens in a new window) (Peacock Premium, Paramount Network, Tvision, fuboTV, Philo)

  3. 1923(Opens in a new window) (most important +)

  4. Ginny and Georgia(Opens in a new window) (Netflix)

  5. Wednesday(Opens in a new window) (Netflix)

  6. Will Trent(Opens in a new window) (hulu)

  7. White Lotus(Opens in a new window) (HBO Max)

  8. King of Tulsa(Opens in a new window) (most important +)

  9. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan(Opens in a new window) (main video)

  10. The Mayfair Witches(Opens in a new window) (AMC+, AMC)


  1. Menu(Opens in a new window) (HBO services)

  2. Glass onion: the secret of the knife(Opens in a new window) (Netflix)

  3. Pale blue eye(Opens in a new window) (Netflix)

  4. White noise(Opens in a new window) (Netflix)

  5. Banshees from Inisherin(Opens in a new window) (HBO services)

  6. Everything Everywhere Everything at once(Opens in a new window) (Showtime, fuboTV)

  7. Top Gun: Maverick(Opens in a new window) (Paramount+, Epix)

  8. Amsterdam(Opens in a new window) (HBO services)

  9. Jurassic World: Dominion(Opens in a new window) (main video)

  10. She said(Opens in a new window) (Peacock)

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