The Source Leakers finally discover the G-Man’s death sequence

The Source Leakers finally discover the G-Man’s death sequence

The Source Leakers finally discover the G-Man’s death sequence

Turns out he might die. Just not in the last game.

Half-Life left us with many unanswered questions, such as who or what was the G-Man? How many experiments has Black Mesa conducted? How did a science geek defeat a literal army with tanks and helicopters? Are all bodyguards clones? Unfortunately, it looks like we’ll never get answers to any of these questions. While we could extrapolate a bit more about the G-Man from the sequels and Half-Life: Alyx, he still remains a mystery. However, thanks to the Half-Life: Source asset leak, we’ve learned a few more details about it.

While no information has been found about the G-Man himself, leakers have come across animations that suggest that at some point the developers didn’t make him an unstoppable juggernaut shaking off bullets. As revealed by a Twitter handle called… Magic Nipples [sigh], data scientists have found what appears to be the death animation of a mysterious bureaucrat. Perhaps at some point in the development cycle Valve planned to make him killable. Most likely, however, the animation team simply created the sequence as a backup.


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However, while we didn’t learn anything new about G-Man, the leaks answered a question that many players have been wondering since the very beginning of the game. Remember that ridiculously long train journey you have to take as part of the introductory sequence? At one point you pass an Apache helicopter that looks like it’s getting ready to take off. However, the train passes by before it takes off, leaving you wondering if it actually took off after so much winding up.

It seems that data scientists found animations showing the helicopter taking off, but we just couldn’t see them. Unfortunately, there is also an animation showing the subsequent helicopter crash. It is not clear whether it is the same helicopter or a military one that can be shot down.

Among other things that were discovered were “Cut Gargantua [animations]cut killer [animations]a full set of animations for Ivan, first day animations for Gordon, early Valve Guy textures, HD textures for random shit, and the best campaign sources.

If you’re wondering, “Ivan the Space Biker” was the original character model for Gordon Freeman.

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