Trans law will force girls’ schools to admit biological males: report

Trans law will force girls’ schools to admit biological males: report

Trans law will force girls’ schools to admit biological males: report

A new law recently passed in Scotland will force girls’ schools across the UK to admit boys who identify as transgender, a report has found.

A report by the Policy Exchange think tank said new Scottish laws allowing people over 16 to self-identify as a different gender without any medical assessment will force girls’ schools across the UK to admit biological males who identify as trans.

It comes as the British government is considering blocking the King’s official signing of legislation under the rules set out in the Scotland Act 1998 which sets out some of Scotland’s devolved powers.

According to a report published on Thursday, the new rules – which will allow people in Scotland to gain legal recognition as an alternative sex without having to undergo a medical examination – will have major repercussions across the UK, making women-only spaces, such as girls’ schools, much more difficult for some, to be maintained in accordance with the law.

“[It will c]suspend the law on single-sex services, potentially making it more difficult to exclude biological males from female-only spaces,” warns the document, explaining that gender and gender are often largely interchangeable under UK equality legislation.

As a result, it appears that men who obtain a gender recognition certificate in Scotland describing them as either a girl or a woman may not be legally excluded from girls’ schools anywhere in the UK.

“[B]male biological males holding a Scottish Gender Recognition Certificate, wherever they are in the UK, will legally be female and will benefit from being included in this category for the purposes of the Equality Act,” the report explains.

“The law as it stands states that biological males aged 16-18 who hold a Gender Recognition Certificate cannot be excluded from same-sex girls’ schools,” he continues.

“There is no exception to gender reassignment discrimination in relation to schools.”

“This bill will grant certain biological males the right to enter girls’ schools, a right that otherwise does not exist,” the document continued.

The document goes on to argue that the UK government would be “justified” to seek a so-called Section 35 injunction that would prevent the Transgender Bill from being passed in the Scottish Parliament before it came into effect.

Such an order can be made in Westminster if they have reasonable grounds to believe that a law passed in Scotland poses a threat to governments across the UK.

According Telegraphthere seems to be a growing appetite within the Conservative Party (Tory) government for such an order, much to the chagrin of the progressive Scottish administration as well as many LGBT lobby groups scattered across the kingdom.

The newspaper reports that the British government’s Secretary of State for Scotland, Alister Jack, has received legal advice that the Transgender Act can be challenged by a Section 35 provision.

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