Two New York Democrats have filed a complaint with the Ethics Committee against George Santos

Two New York Democrats have filed a complaint with the Ethics Committee against George Santos

Two New York Democrats have filed a complaint with the Ethics Committee against George Santos

Washington – A pair of New York Democratic lawmakers filed a formal complaint with the House Ethics Committee on Tuesday against Republican Party Representative George Santos, claiming he violated federal ethics law.

Two lawmakers, Representatives Ritchie Torres and Daniel Goldman, asked the House panel to investigate whether Santos, also from New York, violated the Government Ethics Act by failing to file “timely, accurate and complete financial disclosure reports.”

Torres and Goldman claimed that Santos’ 2020 and 2022 financial statements are “scarce and embarrassing” and say the Republican’s public statements “contradicted some of the information in the 2022 financial disclosure and confirmed that the 2022 financial disclosure did not disclosed other information.

“Given the revelations regarding his biography, as well as public information regarding his financial disclosures, Mr. Santos has failed to maintain the integrity expected of members of the House of Representatives,” two Democrats wrote to Representative Michael Guest, a Republican and Susan Wild, a Democrat who heads committee.

Goldman was the Democrats’ top adviser during the first impeachment inquiry into former President Donald Trump.

“George Santos, by his own admission, is an outright fraud. The Chamber has a duty to look after itself and to preserve the integrity of the institution,” he said. he wrote on Twitteradding that a complaint to the Ethics Committee is the “first step” in holding Santos accountable.

Torres accused Santos of “deceiving both Congress and the public.”

When asked about Torres and Goldman’s complaint, Santos told reporters they were “free to do whatever they want” and said he “didn’t do anything unethical.”

Santos, who was sworn into office Saturday morning, is under scrutiny and faces calls to resign after him he admitted to “beautiful” passages about his background during his successful bid for Congress, including his education and work experience.

Federal and local prosecutors they investigate the finances and financial disclosures of a New York Republican, as well as the lies he spread on the campaign trail and whether he followed the law.

So is Santos the purpose of the complaint filed a lawsuit with the Federal Election Commission on Monday, accusing him of illegally using campaign funds for personal expenses and misrepresenting the source of his campaign donations and expenses. The complaint was filed by the Campaign Legal Center and asks if the $705,000 in contributions to his campaign inappropriately came from a corporation or a foreign national.

In addition to Goldman and Torres, GOP representative Nick LaLota of New York said last month that Santos should be investigated by the House Ethics Committee and potentially law enforcement.

Republican leaders remained relatively quiet about Santos and his future at the conference given the allegations against him, though Majority Leader Steve Scalise told reporters on Tuesday that the matter was being “resolved internally” and that GOP leaders should meet with Santos and speak with him.

“Obviously there were concerns about what we heard,” Scalise said.

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