Weeks of early voting ‘ridiculous’ but the GOP has to take it

Weeks of early voting ‘ridiculous’ but the GOP has to take it

Weeks of early voting ‘ridiculous’ but the GOP has to take it

  • Kellyanne Conway wrote in a new essay that Trump’s 2024 White House campaign should not be underestimated.
  • Conway also stressed in her New York Times article that GOP leaders must adopt an early vote.
  • “Republicans need to … invest in early voting and speak up about it,” Conway wrote in the essay.

Former Trump White House senior adviser Kellyanne Conway said in a recent opinion piece that it was “ridiculous” that some states allowed voting “almost two months before Election Day” as part of the 2020 coronavirus measures, but argued that the Republican Party must embrace the reality of early voting in order to survive.

Conway, an experienced pollster who managed former President Donald Trump’s successful 2016 White House campaign, in a New York Times essay, laid out the arguments for and against a second term for the former president, who filed a third bid for the White House late last year.

In the essay, Conway noted that Trump experienced a decline in support from independent and white college graduates between 2016 and 2020 – blocks that provided critical voices to incumbent President Joe Biden in heavily contested swing states like Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin in the last election.

She also noted the growing importance of early voting, which has grown in popularity across the country and has been fully supported by Democratic candidates – who have encouraged voters to cast their ballots using this method. Trump, however, has long claimed – without evidence – that early and mail-in voting is fraught with fraud.

But after the 2022 midterm elections – in which Republicans fared much worse than expected – some strategists in the party said Trump’s crusade against early voting may well have cost them critical levels of support in states where they will have to increase their advantage of 2024 to have any chance of defeating Biden and securing a majority in the US Senate.

“Republicans need to … invest in early voting and speak up about it,” Conway wrote in the essay. “This is a competition for ballots, not just votes. While it was ridiculous to vote almost two months before Election Day and count the votes three weeks later, some of the state’s Covid-enforced voting measures are now permanent. “

“If these are the rules, adapt or die politically,” she added.

Last month, Conway prosecuted Republican senators who failed to campaign for former NFL star Herschel Walker, Georgia’s Republican Senate candidate who was defeated by incumbent Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock in the December 2022 runoff election.

“People say, ‘We need a new message.’ Let me say something respectful to the 49 Republican senators: Where have most of you been? Why weren’t you in Georgia? she asked during an appearance on Fox News.

Conway also reiterated that the Republican Party must find a way to incorporate early voting into its future turnout strategies.

“We need to get these votes together early,” she continued on Fox. “We are taking a big risk that someone could walk out of work, out of home, out of traffic without feeling sick that day. If you can cast their votes in October, let’s do it.”

“I don’t like it because it’s too incumbent. I don’t like it because it’s not election day, it’s election season, election trimester. But those are the rules,” she added.

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