White storytellers stop minorities from viewing nature papers: government-funded study

White storytellers stop minorities from viewing nature papers: government-funded study

White storytellers stop minorities from viewing nature papers: government-funded study

Ethnic minorities may be a deterrent to nature documentaries if they are told by white men, says a report funded by the supposedly Conservative British government.

The study, which was funded by the UK Environment Agency in 2022, reportedly claims that ethnic minorities may be put off watching a nature documentary if it features a white male presenter.

The research was reportedly uncovered by Conservative Way Forward, a pressure group with ties to Margaret Thatcher, and parts of the report were published by Telegraph on Saturday.

According to the newspaper, the Environmental Protection Agency funded what it described as an “international climate change group” to commission an investigation into the impact multicultural policies might have on their work.

The documentary titled “Challenging Environments: Experiences of Ethnic Minority Environmental Professionals” states that the presence of white men in documentaries can prevent people from other backgrounds from viewing nature content.

“The tendency to preach white male voices in environmental papers has been cited as an example of how the environment and sector can feel off-limits to people from ethnic minorities,” the study reportedly concluded, apparently not criticizing people disaffected by white people as harboring racial prejudice.

Generally, Telegraph claims that the Environment Agency has recently become increasingly focused on issues of “equality, diversity and inclusivity” and that the UK government has given the organization millions of pounds towards these goals, despite being led by the supposedly anti-Wake Conservative (Tory) Party by over a decade.

The revelation that the government is funding research into the negative impact white men allegedly have on nature documentaries came shortly after a presenter on the state broadcaster criticized rural Britain for its cultural ties to white Britons.

BBC broadcaster Nihal Arthanayake noted last week that there was a perception that the British countryside was white and middle-class, and so-called “internet trolls” had accused Arthanayake of encouraging.

“There is such a barrier; the belief, often perpetuated by social media trolls, that the countryside is inherently white and middle-class,” said Arthanayake. “But when you go out there, for the most part, you’ll find that people are just happy. I’m glad to be there and I’m glad to see you.”

“We live in one of the most tolerant countries in the world, and whether I go alone or with my family, I’ve never felt anything other than welcome,” he continued, perhaps inadvertently undermining the narrative of the countryside as a sort of hotbed of racial identity politics.

Arthanayake’s comments sparked a major controversy in the UK, with the presenter attacking many of those he disagreed with, calling them “racists” and “trolls”.

“Are these people who are so afraid of being a minority afraid of it because of the way they’ve treated minorities?” he suggested online.

“The normalization of anti-Muslim hate on social media is disgusting [sic]he added.

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